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What can I watch on Silverscreen Virtual Multiplex ?

You can watch movies and virtual live show & events on the Virtual Multiplex. There is no monthly subsciptions. you can watch the shows you like only by paying the ticket price

How can I buy a ticket on Silverscreen?

You can buy a Silverscreen ticket online for any live show, event or movie release. You can buy instant access tickets and advance tickets for any show, event or movie you wish to watch. Live Screenings & Premiere Shows of films can only be accessed with advance event tickets. You can watch them once the live show ends with instant access window tikets.

Where do I watch Movies on Silverscreen?

You can watch movies on any one of the four virtual auditoriums. The Main Hall, Audi 2, Audi 3 & Silverdust Audi. Each Audi plays four titles maximum at a single time. There are no subscriptions. You can get tickets for individual titles and watch them. Each ticket will be valid for 24 hours

Where do I watch Live Shows/ Premieres/ Live Events?

You can watch Live screenings, shows, premieres and live events in the Virtual Amphitheatre. You can access this from the Event tab in the menu or from the Amphitheatre buttons on the app.

How do I buy a ticket for movies on Silverscreen?

You can buy a ticket using any credit / debit card. We use paypal as our payment provider to ensure maximum payment security and buyer protection.

I don't have a Paypal account. Can I buy a ticket then?

Yes you can buy a ticket even if you do not have a paypal account. Just click on the 'Create Account' tab when paypal payment page and you will be redirected to the card payments page. Fill up all the details and complete your transaction and get a free paypal account already created for you. Access refund, payment history, detailed billing and advanced customer support with your new account. You can use this paypal account for all other online tranactions anywhere on the internet.

How do I buy a ticket for Live shows and events ?

There are two ways to buy an advanced ticket for any Live show, premiere, virtual event on Silverscreen. You can pay using debit/credit card via paypal for maximum transaction security and buy a confirmed ticket for your event/show. This is what we preffer.
You can also buy a ticket using the Offline Payment Option. Just select Offline Payment as your payment option and book an unconfirmed , unpaid status ticket instantly. You can later pay and confirm your unpaid ticket using UPI wallets, Netbanking, Card, Wallets etc from the event's page. It takes about six hours for your ticket to get confirmed and for a new ticket to reach you via email after you make the payment

Can I get a refund for my Live event ticket?

Incase the event is cancelled or called off, you will get a refund of your ticket. Viewers who buy tickets using Paypal tranactions can initiate instant refunds from their paypal accounts and recieve the money directly in their banks. For others it takes about 10 days from the date of cancellation for the refund process to complete.

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