Releasing Worldwide in June 2020, 5 Movies that you don’t want to miss on the Silverscreen

With the covid19 pandemic gripping the world, there’s a grim ripper kind of a situation out in the world today. Nothing has escaped from the wrath of this pandemic forcing all major industries to shut shop in their battle for survival. The movie business has seen no different days. With lockdowns in place and theatres speculating if and when viewers would ever return in huge numbers again, Online Movie Releases seems to be the in thing this summer.

As more and more filmmakers and movie studios opt for the online release route to salvage their losses and to stay afloat in such trying times, this might just change the game for the whole movie industry, once and for all. While most Filmmakers have opted for the OTT route that enables monthly subscriptions to viewers to watch content, takes the game further. Designed to give viewers the ultimate Big Screen experience virtually, this online cinema hall offers individual ticket options, 7 day worldwide release windows, four screens and all the glitz and glam of a theatrical release, online Plus it’s creator friendly, offering 80% of the net ticket sales to the makers directly. A deal that most multiplexes in the outside world would never dream to offer.

As Silverscreen opens the door of their virtual Multiplex Online here are 5 Movies releasing in June 2020 that you should Watch out for

#1. Bumper, Horror, Short

#2. Godhulibela, Drama , Short

#3. The Round Trip, Drama, Short

#4. Krantodorshi, Drama, Short

#5. Durga Aasche, Drama, Featurette

These films though short has some big names on it’s cast and crew list and now waits to see how it fares on the Online Release Scenario. Who knows, maybe this would become the New Normal in a post Covid World Scenario.

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